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ABS is a robust and versatile thermoplastic, known for its high impact resistance and toughness. It is widely used within injection moulding and 3D printing, and has a wide range of applications, ranging from automotive components to consumer and household goods.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a widely utilised thermoplastic polymer. It combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the resilience of polybutadiene rubber.

The result is a durable material that withstands physical impacts and corrosive chemicals. Therefore, ABS is an ideal choice for applications that demand a hard-wearing material that will not easily deform, shatter, or degrade.

In addition to this, ABS is non-toxic. These properties, in conjunction with each other, mean ABS is frequently used in childrens toys and even medical devices.

ABS is also appreciated for its ease of fabrication and machinability, making it an in-demand engineering polymer among manufacturers.


Ian Morgan
Commercial Director

Processing ABS

ABS is a versatile material that can be processed using a variety of techniques, including injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming, and 3D printing.

Its relatively low melting point, which typically begins around 105°C, allows for relatively simple processing. However, careful temperature control is crucial during processing, as overheating can lead to degradation and a loss of mechanical properties. 

ABS can absorb water from the air, which can lead to defects in the final product. Therefore, it's often necessary to pre-dry the material before processing, typically using a desiccant dryer at around 80°C for 2-4 hours.

ABS Grades

ABS is available in a wide variety of grades. These grades differ in their ratios of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene, which gives them different properties and makes them suitable for different uses. 

General-purpose ABS grades are the most common, offering good impact resistance and toughness, along with excellent processability. 

High-impact grades have a higher proportion of polybutadiene, which gives them improved toughness and impact resistance. 

Flame-retardant grades contain additives that increase their resistance to burning. There are also grades with improved heat resistance, UV resistance, or chemical resistance, amongst others. 

Should you need to alter the performance of your ABS, we also have a range of polymer additives available to grant the exact properties you need for your application.

ABS Sustainability

While ABS is not easily biodegradable, it can be recycled. 

It is commonly reground into pellets, with reprocessed ABS being a great solution for those looking for a more sustainable option, and as a cheaper alternative for those who do not require virgin ABS.

ABS Colouring

ABS is easy to colour and it should be possible to achieve good colour dispersion and clarity with most shades and finishes. 

For optimum results, using a specialised ABS masterbatch is recommended, although masterbatch on other carriers may also produce good results. 

Universal masterbatch is fully compatible with ABS and can achieve a good let down rate (LDR), often in the range of 1 - 3%.

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