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Polymer additives

Plastiserve supplies a range of polymer additives to alter the physical properties of your moulded products or improve production efficiency.


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We hold ISO 9001 and 14001 certification to ensure quality and consistency in our products and service and environmental responsibility in all that we do.


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We stock and supply masterbatch, polymers, and additives. All of the materials you need to run your business a single phone call away.


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In conjunction with our UK delivery partners, we can deliver off-the-shelf items the next working day when ordered before 5pm (2pm for pallets).

Improve performance and manage your costs with our range of additives

Our additives alter the functional properties or improve the processing characteristics of polymers. At Plastiserve, we can supply from a large selection of additive masterbatches to enhance the performance of your products.
Just some of the additive masterbatches in our range are listed below.






Anti-static / dissipative (ESD)

Blowing agents




Dispersion aids


EMI / RFI shielding


Laser marking

Mineral fillers

Mould release

Nucleating agents

Process aids



Slip agents

UV absorbers / stabilisers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are additive masterbatches?

Additive masterbatch products are used for many reasons: to aid the processing of materials; to add value to finished mouldings; to incorporate specific features; and to add certain properties to a moulded part.

Can additives help me save on my production costs?

There are many additive masterbatches that can help, including process aids to help reduce cycle time and save energy, thereby reducing processing costs. Other additives may help by improving other processing aspects, or by reducing the amount of polymer used by adding air or introducing cheaper fillers, for example.

I need to give my mouldings specific characteristics that the polymer I am using doesn’t have. Do I have to change the grade?

Depending on the size of the job it may be more cost-effective to consider an additive masterbatch to achieve the desired results. Compounding your preferred polymer may also be an option.

Choose from a wide range of additives – from antimicrobials to UV stabilisers – without needing to buy a specific grade of polymer just for each specific job. You can often use an additive masterbatch with material grades you might already have in stock rather than buying a grade just for one job.

How do I counteract sinkage in thick wall section mouldings?

Blowing agent additives are widely used to help prevent sinkage in moulded parts. They can also be used to reduce the part weight and so reduce the amount of material used in production - resulting in not only a lighter part but also reducing your polymer cost.

I need to add more than one additive to achieve a specific result. Do I need several additive masterbatches to achieve this?

Multifunction masterbatches can be created to include more than one additive and indeed colour so that you only need to dose a single masterbatch. These products are of course formulated to meet a customer’s specific needs, and we can help with this.

Are all additives compatible with each other?

Many are but some additives can have the effect of cancelling out or reacting with others when dosed at the same time. We have a very wide range of additive masterbatch products and can help with your choices.

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