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Choose from over 200 colours in our Universal range, many available from stock with no MOQ. Or request a bespoke, polymer-specific masterbatch, colour-matched to virtually any colour or with a special effect or a combination masterbatch with colour AND additives. Whatever you need, we can help.


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Our stock Universal range has no MOQ whilst custom colours start from as little as 5kg. We can help you determine the most-cost effective solution for every job.


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We can supply the polymer, colour and additives you need with just one phone call. Let us do the legwork so you don't have to.


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Stock items can be despatched for next working day delivery when ordered before 5pm (2pm for pallets)

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We pride ourselves on our personable and knowledgeable service. No other materbatch and polymers supplier does more to help their customers succeed.

Universal masterbatch

Universal masterbatches are designed with flexibility in mind and give good colouring performance across a range of polymers, usually with lower addition rates and very low MOQs.

Polymer-specific masterbatch

Polymer-specific masterbatches can offer improved compatibility and cost-efficiency, especially when the match is made into the specific grade of base polymer you intend to use.

Special effects and additives

We have a wide range of special effects and additive masterbatch that are capable of altering the physical and aesthetic properties of the polymers they are used in.

Custom colour masterbatch

Plastiserve can supply masterbatch in virtually any colour on any carrier. The likelihood is we already have a match for your colour / polymer combination and, if we don't, we can get it matched, fast.

ISO certified

You can rest assured that your masterbatch will always be of the highest quality. We hold ISO 9001 certification and implement full traceability across our stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is colour masterbatch?

Colour masterbatch is, put simply, concentrated pigment or dye encapsulated in a carrier polymer or proprietary carrier system, pelletised for ease of addition to the injection moulding or extrusion process.

Can I use masterbatch in any moulding machine?

Masterbatch is not suitable for use in plunger injection moulding machines as it needs the action of a screw for proper dispersion.

What is universal masterbatch?

Universal masterbatch is masterbatch that uses a proprietary carrier that is a secret blend of polymers and waxes that increases the compatibility of the masterbatch with a wider range of polymers. Our Universal masterbatch is of this type and uses the highest quality pigments and dyestuffs, often in higher concentrations, which means that whilst the per kilo price may be higher than a polymer-specific of the same colour, the addition rate is often much lower, typically just 1% or less in many common polymer types. 

Some LDPE and LD/EVA masterbatches are marketed as ‘Universal’, just to confuse matters.

If I use a Universal masterbatch in two different polymers, will they be the same colour?

Not always. Pigment dispersion and processing temperatures will differ between materials and can affect the final colour. Adjusting the addition rate may help but sometimes it just won’t be possible to get the same results in two different polymers from a single masterbatch. Two polymer-specific masterbatches may be the best approach.

When should I choose universal masterbatch?

Universal masterbatch, as an off-the-shelf product, can be bought in any quantity, from stock, and is therefore attractive to moulders contemplating short runs or who just want to buy what they need, when they need it. Its compatibility with a wider range of polymers also makes it attractive if you plan to use it across several jobs and materials. 

Whilst typically more expensive, this can be offset by a lower addition rate. The standard range offers around 200 colours -including transparent, fluorescent, edge glow and other effects - although only about 80 of these are in popular use.

Custom colours can be produced on a Universal carrier, if required.

Why use colour masterbatch?

There are four main options for colouring plastic: compounding; dry pigment; liquid colour masterbatch; solid colour masterbatch. Compounding, especially of smaller lots, can be prohibitively expensive. Dry pigments and liquid colour can be messy and hard to handle without the proper equipment. Solid masterbatch generally offers the simplest and most cost-effective solution for colouring polymers.

Is universal masterbatch truly universal?

Good question! The answer, sadly, is no. Not every colour will work in every polymer. This might be due to a number of reasons but often due to the inability of the pigment or dye to survive the processing temperature of the polymer. Our Universal Colour Chart has a list of compatible polymers and maximum processing temperatures to help you make the right choice.

What is polymer-specific masterbatch?

Polymer-specific masterbatch is masterbatch, formulated to an off-the-shelf or bespoke colour, where the carrier system is designed to be compatible with a specific polymer – e.g. Nylon masterbatch for use in colouring Nylon. Some polymer-specific masterbatch can be used in more than one polymer – e.g. PE masterbatch might be compatible in PE, PP and some Nylon and other polymers. Please see our compatibility guide.

How do I add masterbatch to my base material?

Most moulders will use a dosing machine which automatically and accurately controls the addition rate of the masterbatch into the polymer, but you can also manually add the required quantity of masterbatch and mix by hand or in a mixer prior to introducing the material to your moulding machine.

When should I choose polymer-specific masterbatch?

Polymer-specific masterbatch offers the opportunity to produce a custom colour that is highly compatible with your production polymer with better dispersion and consistency brought about by using the same polymer (or a very compatible alternative) as the carrier. 

Polymer-specific masterbatch has traditionally been considered more expensive in small lots and an MOQ of 25kg is typical, but at volumes of 25kg or above can be a cheaper option than Universal, even at a higher addition rate. We do offer custom masterbatch in lots smaller than 25kg in certain carrier systems. Please ask.

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